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UX Portfolio

I conduct user research to inform user-centered and humanistic design solutions. My work includes industry UX research as well as academic research.



Games User Research
at Sprung Studios

I am currecntly an Associate User Researcher at Sprung Studios in Vancouver, Canada. My main duties are to conduct user research for video games  across platforms (console, mobile, PC, and VR) using a variety of methods (e.g., usability tests and player  interviews, expert reviews, diary studies and more). 



Risk Communication
Tool Design 

Designed a a communication tool to visualize risk of pediatric postoperative pain with an interdisciplinary team of  healthcare researchers. Published results in JMIR Pediatrics and Parenting journal.



HarrietGo: an End-to-End Digital Solution to Empower Citizen Science

Designed a smartphone app for effective location and field data collection to empower citizen science with an interdisciplinary team of HCI researchers.


Design Solutions to Reduce Miscommunication in Videoconferencing Meetings

Investigated and proposed design solutions to reduce miscommunication in videoconferencing meetings to increase workplace wellbeing with HCI and engineering researchers.

VC meeting


Design Guidelines for Social VR Meditations as Additional Feature to Combine with Solo-User VR Meditations

Investigated and proposed design guidelines for social VR meditations. 

UX Work Experience

Risk Communication Tool Designer at BC Children's Hospital Research Institute

Development of a communication tool to visualize risk of pediatric postoperative pain

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