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Image by Maxim Hopman
Case Study 5

Graduate student at University of British Columbia's iSchool & Circuit Stream Student

Design Guidelines for Social VR Meditations as Additional Feature to Combine with Solo-User VR Meditations

Project Length:

  • Research Project: 4 months

  • VR Mini-Game: work-in-progress

Courses taken:

  • Topics in Human-Computer Interaction: Designing Augmented and Virtual Reality Experiences from UBC's Computer Science department

  • XR Development with Circuit Stream

My role: XR Researcher & Designer

Platform: VR Headset (i.e. Oculus Quest 2)

Tools used: Figjam, Unity

Utilized skills: 

  • Competitor Analysis, Marketing Research 

  • User Testing: semi-structured interviews (with VR headsets)

  • Observation, Open Coding, Thematic Analysis

  • Design Thinking for XR Design

  • XR Development Skills (including C# coding)

Presentation Venue:

Research Project Poster:

Project Video:

Social VR Meditation Game with Applied Design Guidelines
- Design is in the works! Coming Soon - 
截圖 2022-08-30 上午10.59.56.png
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