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Gina Branding Lab

Strategy Director & 

Senior Content Creator

Brand Mentor Gina Chang shares her branding knowledge from 10+ years of industry consulting experience on "Gina Branding Lab" with audio and visual content. 

Gina Branding Lab's Facebook page was created in 2018, and shares Gina's branding knowledge including brand image, brand strategies and brand promotion. Gina also hosts a podcast of six series: "Personal Branding," "Consumer Trends," "Brand Aesthetics," "Re-Branding," "Personal Brand Power"(個人品牌力) and "Aesthetic Antidote"(美學療癒), sharing branding knowledge and aesthetic appreciation with industry and general listeners. 

Gina Branding Lab is one of the first personal branding pages about a woman branding consultant who combines branding with aesthetics and lifestyle in Taiwan. Its podcast streams on Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud and Spotify. 

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Video created by Ying Chen

Music by: INOSSI on SoundCloud

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