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Taipei Cycle d&i Awards
(Part II)

Content Strategy Director

& Creator 

Part II of the online promotion for 2021 Taipei Cycle d&i Awards, one of the prestigious awards for the international cycling industry, has an emphasis on the "spirit of d&i" - a passion and devotion to innovation. In the six promotional short videos that I designed for the d&i Awards social media pages, the excellent designs of this year's winners and the pursuit of better user experience is shown. This second installment to this year's promotion highlights the innovative and modern spirit of this award, and supports them with their promotional plans to attract more bicycle and component brands to enter the compeition in the future. 

【👉 TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2021 🚲】01 Gold Award Winners
Taiwan Bicycle Association 臺灣自行車輸出業同業公會

【👉 TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2021 🚲】01 Gold Award Winners

【自行車品牌的國際新舞台:d&i金質獎】 d&i金質獎年年挑選出產業中引領創新的優質產品, 作為自行車界設計領先指標,以及自行車產品升級的典範。 在2021年,全球有六項優質產品獲選金質獎, 包含自行車整車、零組件、配件及電動輔助自行車, 每一樣產品都是創新力及品牌實力的最佳展現。 在未來也期待看到自行車產業「突破性」的優質產品參賽, d&i金質獎將始終如一地繼續成為自行車品牌創造新亮點的國際舞台! #自行車 #品牌 #d&i創新設計獎 #台北國際自行車展 #taipeicycle #d&iawards #design #innovation #ReactoTeamE #CadexBoost #TAeBikeTaillight #LivTropicCollection #VOTANIH3 #GmigoOne
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