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Brizon Stepwing Innovative Business Model

Assistant Project Manager &

User Experience Researcher

Brizon's Stepwing product line is an uniquely designed bicycle product that helps maintain the cyclists' core muscle strengths and balance. In 2018, they needed a product redesign plan and new marketing strategy to boost their sales. Our team embarked on a journey to help them identify their product strengths and weaknesses, their target consumers and pain points, and how they could utilize new market trends to their benefits and came up with an innovative business model for Brizon by combining user behavior data, information from focus group interviews and marketing data. 

Brizon Stepwing Case

Project Length: Jan. 2018 - Jun. 2018

Client: Brizon(普立司恩)(Taiwanese bicycle brand under Satori, member of Taiwan Bicycle Association)

Team composition:

  • Research Team from Atlas Branding Co., Ltd.

  • Branding Consultant

  • Chief Designer of Ndd Design

My role: Assistant Project Manager

(Research Team from Atlas Branding Co., Ltd.)

Utilized skills: Marketing research and analysis, focus-group interview, project management, communication


Brizon's Stepwing product needs a product redesign plan and new marketing strategy to boost sales. The company was looking to integrate fitness functions into their product to provide effective exercise results for their consumers. 


1. Discussion with CEO: We worked with a branding consultant and Chief Designer at Ndd Design to identify and re-establish four factors of the Stepwing product line with the CEO and team of Brizon to build new strategies for them, including:  

(1) Product features and functions

Brizon's Stepwing is a variation of the standard bicycle with no seat-post and a stepping pedal instead of a traditional bicycle pedal. Cyclists pedal standing upright, which strengthens their core muscles and contributes to the balance of their upper body. 


(2) Target consumers and their pain points:

Target consumers include millennials that are eager to try new exercising products, are prone to exercise for fitness, and like to see effective results from their hard work. This target customer group needs a well designed fitness routine to help them keep track of their exercising progress.


(3) Product strengths and weaknesses

  • Stepwing strengths: unique product design, exercising fun, suitable for kids and adults

  • Stepwing weaknesses: time needed for cyclists to get used to the unique riding method, no visible practical benefits of riding it, design not attractive to its target consumers

(4) New market trends and consumer needs

  • Millennials: curious, practical, idealistic, individualistic 

  • Fitness trend: consumers put emphasis on their health and looks, and are willing to spend money and time for effective exercise results

2. Focus-group interviews

  • Three spinning coaches

  • One physical therapist

  • One group of white-collar millennials

3. Online data research: We cross-referenced our findings from the focus-group interviews with researched online data and found matches between the functions of Stepwing product and new marketing trends. 


1. New marketing method

  • We re-established Brizon's Stepwing product line as a "short-term high intensity fitness product that brings fitness fun and refreshes your mind."

  • Its target consumers were re-identified as millennials needing effective fitness routines and the middle-aged population looking to maintain the strength of their core muscles and balance. 

  • We designed a Stepwing Fitness System that combines the spinning system from spinning studios with practical workout effects. 

2. New business model: Brizon is suggested to work with spinning coaches of spinning studios to provide an effective fitness system for its target consumers. Brizon is then the service provider of a professional fitness product and training system. 

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