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Image by Maxim Hopman
XR Research & Design 

Graduate student at University of British Columbia's iSchool & Circuit Stream Student

Utilizing UX research concepts and XR design and development skills for prototyping and user testing.

Design Guidelines for Social VR Meditations as Additional Feature to Combine with Solo-User VR Meditations

Project Length: 3 months / Course: Topics in Human-Computer Interaction: Designing Augmented and Virtual Reality Experiences

My role: UX Researcher

Utilized skills: 

  • Competitor Analysis, Marketing Research 

  • User Testing: 1-on-1 interviews (with VR headsets)

  • Observation, Open Coding, Thematic Analysis

Presentation Venue: UBC DFP 2022 Design Showcase (

Social VR Meditation Game with Applied Design Guidelines

Project Length: 1 month / Course: XR Development with Circuit Stream

My role: UX Designer & Developer

Utilized skills: 

  • Design Thinking for XR Design

  • XR Development Skills (including C# coding)

Design is in the works!!
- Coming Soon - 
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