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Image by Tirza van Dijk
Case Study 2

Risk Communication Tool Designer for BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute

Risk Communication Tool Designer
for BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute

Internship length: 3 months

My role: Risk Communication Tool Designer

Utilized skills: ​​

  • Usability Testing with multiple user groups

  • Observation and Thematic Analysis 

  • Competitor Analysis 

  • Poster design for publication


Decision support systems are innovations capable of helping your doctors make decisions about your care with large amounts of existing medical data to provide medical recommendations. However, it is not easy to communicate these complex results clearly to its users. Therefore, the goal of this project is to design a "risk communication tool" to communicate decision support recommendations in an easy-to-understand and helpful way to families of children with post-operation experiences. This project lays the foundation for a broad range of future artificial intelligence-based decision-making systems, in which a family member uses system guidance to make a treatment decision either by themselves, or in collaboration with their physician.



  • A risk communication tool prototype visualizing the risk of pain and mitigation strategies 

  • Extensive research in target users' needs (families with children of post-operation experience and physicians) and their perception of risk communication for shared-decision making

  • Design requirements proposed for risk communication tools

Research presentation:

​Wood, M. D., Fokkens, C., Chen, Y., Sreepada, R., Loftsgard, K., West, N., Portales-Casamar, E., Whyte, S., Duddy, K., & Görges, M. (2022). Development of a communication tool to visualize risk of pediatric postoperative pain  - results from multiple iterations of co-design with family members and clinicians.


Poster presented at Canadian Pediatric Anesthesia Society conference (held between 16 -18 September 2022, Vancouver, Canada).

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