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Video created by Ying Chen

Music by LiQWYD on SoundCloud

21st Century CEO Studio

Project Managing Director &

Strategy Director

"21st Century CEO Studio" podcast was created back in 2018, before the boom of Taiwan's podcast market. My team and I noticed Taiwan's need for an unique online branding knowledge learning platform and decided to use podcasts as the medium to bring brand stories and strategies from quality Taiwanese CEOs to the general online user. 


"21st Century CEO Studio" podcast is dedicated to bringing digestible industry knowledge, branding strategies and personal entrepreneur stories to listeners all over the Chinese speaking world with 

interviews of top quality Taiwanese 

company CEOs.

We invited over 33 top quality company CEOs from multiple industries to our podcast, and produced more than 45 podcast episodes, 250 branding knowledge social media posts, and 10 promotional short-videos. We also created an unique "online branding knowledge database." 

With our hard work to push the podcast medium to the forefront of Taiwan's new media market, the ongoing "21st Century CEO Studio" podcast accumulated more than 17,000 hits, and 6,050 likes on Facebook. The show streams on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and SoundCloud, and peaked at No. 17 on the Business Podcast Chart in Taiwan.

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