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Hello, I'm Ying!

  • Aspiring UX designer/researcher aiming to provide humanistic solutions to improve user experience with innovative design and technology

  • Experienced in project management, content strategy, and communication in cross-functional teams

  • Skilled in user-centered designs; proficient with UX/XR prototyping tools

  • Driven to in-depth UX research to discover the needs and wants of users with various cultural and demographic backgrounds

  • Native in English and Mandarin Chinese with intermediate German language skills

  • LinkedIn

My Story

I am a Taiwanese-Canadian currently based in Vancouver, B.C. finishing my Masters in Library and Information Studies at UBC. I grew up having loved going to the library where I would borrow books and audiobooks to learn about interesting facts and fiction. I have developed empathy, understandings of humanity and the insight of incorporating diverse perspectives in design and decision-making through this hobby. 

Additionally, my experience living in Asia (Taipei, Taiwan) for two decades and Europe (Bayreuth, Germany) for one and a half years feuled my deep curiosity to learn about different cultures, lifestyles, behaviors and cross-cultural communication. This insight led me to my first job at a branding consultant startup where I created, developed and managed social media content and marketing research projects centered on consumer's needs and brands' goals. I then furthered my edcuation at UBC and joined UBC's Designing for People research cluster to learn more about evidence-based and human-centered design to deliver better digital design and user experiences. 

In my spare time, I like to play sports with friends, learn to cook and go to museums. I aspire to continue to learn and grow both as a UX designer and a human being.

My Design Philosophy

Context is Everything 

This is a common saying in literary analysis that I bring with me as a UX designer and researcher from my background in English. Extensive research into the context, problems, needs and behaviours of the target users informs all my UX design and research work.

Focus on the Usability 

I have extensive experience working in interdiciplinary teams such as BC Children's Hospital Research Institute working with scientists and clinicians and UBC's Designing for People research cluster working with computer science and engineering graduate students. I have learned to focus on the usability of a product when it comes to design and testing for better product performance. 

Balance User Needs with Business Goals

My previous experience in a branding consultant startup taught me the importance of aligning clients' business goals with consumer needs, which I bring into my UX design. I believe a product can grow more successfully when it balances user needs and business goals.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

LinkedIn: yingchenpm

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